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Up! Way Up!

Saturday, May 27, 2017 - 2:00pm to 4:30pm

If you had a DeLorean, a working Flux Capacitor, and enough plutonium, you would be able to go back to the year 2013 AD, where Will Sutton, Ryan Corvese and Colin Webster met in the dorms of Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. A potent mix was in the making to say the least; Will was fresh off work with a ska band, Colin had flown in from the northern regions of the hemisphere after recording an album with a metal project, and Ryan still thought it was 1967 and was the Summer of Love. The eclectic trio’s paths would intertwine every so often over the next three years, mostly limited to garage jams and the occasional recording project, but by the late summer of 2016, conditions were prime for a serious endeavor to come to fruition between the three.

The first release, The Madonna Tapes EP, found Will and Colin exercising their recording capabilities and exploring the potential sound between the two. Featuring Colin on drums and Will on guitar, the mix was well-received from the Japanese alternative rock scene and the local alley cats. Looking to round out the sound, Ryan joined on bass and soon the trio were hard at work building a setlist that could be capable of rocking bars, moving a crowd, and exemplifying what means the most to us; having a good time.

Our second EP, Stand Your Ground, has just been released, and is our statement to the ever-changing world at large. It is an exploration of, “our sound,” one that is constantly evolving. Now with a full set of songs at our disposal, we’ve been playing every chance we get. Here’s hoping to see you out there...

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